Gustavo Woltmann

Wildlife of the Caribbean Islands

Mention a holiday in the Caribbean and the mind immediately drifts to miles of beaches, entertaining tiki bars, and maybe a dive into the ocean. What is overlooked is the abundance of wildlife both in the water and out that can be found on all of the islands.

Artists like Gustavo Woltmann never forget, and spend countless hours admiring the artwork of mother nature. It is hard to describe the intensity of the scene when you dive into the coral reef, but with his paint and brush, Gustavo captures the vivid colors of the aquatic life forms perfectly.

Explore the inner lands of the islands as well. Lush tropical trees line paths and small lakes of an islands core, making it an ideal home for small animals and thousands of exotic birds. This is an environment that few places in the world provide, and one that is nearly impossible to describe with words.

They say a picture can tell a thousand words, and if that is true than a painting tells a million. When you want to literally feel that calming Caribbean environment no matter where in the world you are, nothing does it better than an original piece of art. Crafted by an artist who was truly appreciating the wild muses at the time, that emotion shines through with each stroke.

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