Gustavo Woltmann

A Portrait of the Caribbean by Gustavo Woltmann

Long before the Islands of the Caribbean were invaded by Europe, the indigenous tribes were creating incredible artworks. It must be something in the way the palm trees bend and the blue waters beckon that inspire so many to capture the moment with paint.

Originally found only as rock art or even body paintings, the ancient artwork of the Caribbean people was a raw yet powerful depiction of their lives in paradise. Today, Gustavo is able to invoke those same emotions in a more modern format, calling upon the ocean, landscape and even individuals to inspire him.

A portrait painted in the Caribbean is simple art to depict a simple life. Study the face of a local fisherman painted by Gustavo Woltmann and you will see the tranquility in his eyes. The same is true of the tourists he paints. That frazzled look from life on the mainland has all but disappeared, being replaced with a serene face where the eyebrows are no longer pinched and the lips no longer in a permanent frown.

It is a combination of clean warm air, warm white sand and aqua blue waves that brings a smile to the mouth and a sparkle to the eyes. If you want a portrait done that depicts your loving spirit and warm soul, look for Gustavo on the beach. He'll be the guy wearing pink flip flops on his feet and paint on his fingers.

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